Solar Shingles by SunTegra Now Available in Canada

Solar Shingles by SunTegra is here and is now available all across Canada! Instead of using space-consuming solar panels, you can now use solar shingles to use solar energy. Solar Shingles are the latest design of solar panels that are efficient and better-looking. This latest edition can be directly installed on the surface of your roof. It is easier to install, and it provides a clean and better look for your home. You don’t have to worry anymore about the overall look of your home with SunTegra Solar Shingles.

Your roof will look very smooth with this type of solar panel. Solar Shingles have roof-like designs because they overlap and have a color and frame that complement each other. When we talk about power, solar shingles supplies 25% more power than usual. Additionally, it has a ventilation system that helps regulate temperatures to produce more energy. The best thing about solar shingles is their durability to endure snow, wind, and rain. Lastly, it is very safe to use and is certified in both roofing and standard solar certifications.