Off-Grid Solutions

We have a complete off-grid solution capable of generating, storing, and distributing energy without being connected to a power grid. It is an independent system that supplies power in areas that cannot access a power grid. Moreover, it can supply sufficient energy so you could use it wherever you might need it. With the help of solar panels, you can generate electricity with ease. It comes with a battery storage system that will save your energy for later use. Now, that is a complete off-grid solution.

Portable Solar Light

Canadian BioEnergy now offers a portable solar light with a charger. Our first package comes with a solar panel that is 3W powered, while our second package comes with a solar panel that is 5W powered. Both single and double light systems are easy to carry for travel. They are made with high-quality materials and have a durable framework that is fitting even for harsh environments. In addition to that, the lights are composed of lithium-ion, which is rechargeable. You will surely be surprised by the light it produces and its battery life.