Electrical Contracting

Upgrades for your Electrical System at Home

If you want to upgrade your whole electrical system at home, we can do that for you without a hitch! You may need to change your 100 Amp powered home to 200 Amp. You can avail of our support generator with an energy monitoring system that will help you control your use of power.

Upgrade your Lighting with LED and Utilize Smart Technologies at Home

By changing your lighting to LED, you will be able to save more energy and money. Not only that, you can connect and enable your devices so you can take full control of your power systems at home wherever you are. That is because we offer you smart technologies and better lighting solutions for your home. We have expert electricians who will set it all up so you could enjoy the benefits of energy and a money-saving power system.

Install an EV Charger for Your Vehicle

Do you have an electric car? If you have, then you will absolutely have to charge your vehicle! We can install your charging station for you very quickly without any hassle. We use the best products for EV charging, which includes an EV charger and a Tesla Connector. You don’t have to worry about certifications and inspections because we are authorized to do these installments. Also, we can supply you with a Leviton Level II power charger. Note that installing EV chargers will need a permit. That is why we have our expert electricians to do the installation for you while meeting all the requirements of the Canadian Codes.