Fun Ways to Make School More Sustainable

A school is an ideal place to implement eco-friendly initiatives for several reasons. Firstly, a school building is a large consumer of energy, so implementing eco-friendly initiatives on school buildings will have a great, positive impact on the environment.

Secondly, a school building is where the upcoming generation of consumers undergo training on how to care for the planet where our survival depends.

Using Water in an Eco-friendly Way

School kids are naturally carefree, so they don’t pay attention to little details, such as turning off that filtered tap water after usage. Unfortunately, this leads to water wastage. The establishment of water conservation units can help regulate the use of water by limiting the quantity of water that goes to each tap.

Some of these units are capable of turning off a running tap. However, these water conservation units differ in features/specifications as well as in price. So you’ll do well to consider this when shopping for the ideal water conservation unit for your school.

Some water heaters used in school can be configured to a much lesser temperature and still be effective. This configuration reduces the wastage of water and energy. Some of these units are even capable of collecting and cleansing rainwater for use in the school.

Utilizing Eco-friendly Technology

There are a lot of ways paper can be used in school, including tests, periodicals, reading materials, and study guides. However, adopting smart or digital learning resources will go a long way in cutting down on paper usage and wastage. Smart learning resources include tablets, computers, projectors, and smartboards. A lot of schools apply for grants to acquire these items. Schools can also participate in Boxtops for Education and other programs that provide the needed school equipment through recycling efforts.

Periodicals are not only large consumers of paper; they are also costly. They involve students, teachers, and the school management subscribing to stay updated with the most recent news and research. However, you can consider an option such as bundle tv, which compresses telephone, internet, and TV services into a low-cost package, and it’s better than individual subscriptions.

Recycling Programs

Recycling Programs School

Schools can take part in some recycling programs such as:

  • Paper recycling (old test papers, newspapers, textbooks, and phone books)
  • Electronic gadgets recycling (old cellular phones, tablets, and smartphones)
  • Metal recycling (cans, old appliances, and scrap metals)
  • Plastic recycling (snack wrappers, yogurt cups, and soda bottles)

Schools can check to find out which recycling programs are active in their locale or begin a new program with kids and parents.

Stop Phantom Energy Consumption

Some electronics, when turned off, are known to consume small amounts of energy still as long as they are plugged into a power outlet. This problem can be tackled in a couple of ways. Firstly, you can unplug all appliances when not in use. Secondly, the installation of smart power strips will detect and terminate phantom energy usage.

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