DIY Solar Powered T-Shirt MotivateS You to Work Out

T-Shirt MotivateS You to Work Out

Technology has enabled the production of some fantastic items like custom t shirts. Solar-powered clothes have been there for several years, but new discoveries have shown that power powered T-shirts can do more than just being a cloth. Recent advances have indicated that the solar-powered T-shirts can motivate the wearer to engage in more work out activities. Custom T-shirts can be a node for cooperates or even individuals. This article highlights how solar-powered T-shirts motivate a person to workout.

Technology in Solar-Powered T-shirt

One of the primary technology used is called Lilypad Arduino, which is also used in the bike turn signal jacket developed a few years ago. The technology has allowed using clothes in a way that is more than just covering the body.

Motivational Features

The solar-powered T-shirt has aspects that bring your home close as you work out. These factors keep the user in the outdoors doing activities that are beneficial to their body. One of the incorporations includes the charging ability incorporated in the cloth. Having the charge will ensure you can carry your phone, plug it as you continue to work out even outdoors, such as jogging. Some people like enjoying music during the workout. In this case, they carry their gadget without worrying that their device will go off.

Innovators have been able to produce T-shirts that are solar-powered, yet they look healthy on the outside. This makes the user more comfortable even as they enjoy the additional benefits. The use of LEDs combined with fabric and other technological provisions such as sensors detects some body’s activities, including the body movements, speed, and even activity levels, to determine whether you in the set standards. A person can easily monitor the workout. These are some of the factors that motivate the person using the solar-powered T-shirt.

The T-shirt in incorporate with sensors that senses once the person starts moving. Before the commencement of the workout, there is an image of a sad face smiley, but once you start moving, it changes to a happy smiley. This motivates you as the face tells you are doing something worth enjoying.

It is worth noting that it is essential for you to be in the light of this T-shirt to works. This works to the advantage to you as a wearer of the T-shirt. You will have to move out and probably start to work out to observe the changes. This is one of the qualities that are not seen in ordinary T-shirts. The added features make the T-shirt attractive and enjoyable to use in your work out as compared to the regular T-shirts that are usually dull without any added technological features.

Bottom Line

Technology has become part of humanity. In the future, every part of our life, including clothing, will be based on technology. The DIY solar-powered T-Shirt motivates you to work out through added features, including timer and smileys, that encourage you to keep going with your activity. More features will likely be added to this T-shirt in the near future.

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