Ontario’s Action Plan for Climate Change

The government of Ontario has made a major decision in making the province a free from carbon community by the year 2050. The province of Ontario is willing to invest about $8.3 billion in the first four years to begin with their Action Plan for Climate Change.

Along with the government’s goal, Canadian Bio Energy will be glad to assist you by helping you produce your own electrical energy coming from the sun. The province’s plan is to change its Building Code by 2030, demanding homes and buildings to get rid of fossil fuels. Ontario’s main goal is to cut harmful emissions by half in 2030.

The government of Ontario is taking aggressive steps on contributing to one of the most pressing issues in the world, which is climate change. To motivate people to change, incentives will be given to those who install solar energy technologies. The province will be offering a subsidy to lessen some cost you will have to pay, and Canadian Bio Energy will help you get these grants.

Be one of those people who live a Net-Zero lifestyle. Canadian Bio Energy is very willing to help you achieve the goal through careful monitoring of your energy consumption while producing your own electrical power.

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