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Canadian BioEnergy is one of the best Solar Power Energy institutions in Ontario. We provide Solar Photovoltaic Technology by installing our engineered products in agricultural, residential, and commercial markets. Our main

How to Transition Successfully from Electric to Solar Fencing

How to Transition Successfully from Electric to Solar Fencing

Electric fences are a must-have if you have livestock on your property. But what do you do when there is no power supply in your area, or if you want to go eco-friendly? Recommended solar electric fencing is a viable and cost-effective option for you and a good alternative for electric fencing.
Like most of us, Bell Rule’s Dean Schneider resulted in solar fencing for his cattle ranch because of lack of electricity. In this article, we will be discussing the systems he uses to install solar fencing, including how they function to power the fences.

Tips to Lessen Your Use of Energy from Electronic Devices

Tips to Lessen Your Use of Energy from Electronic Devices

Save money and follow these tips to lessen your use of energy from electronic devices:

Switch Your Devices Off When Not in Use

This is common sense and is a very easy step to follow. Turn off all devices that are not in use so you could save more energy. Saving little amounts of energy will become a huge difference in time.

Pull Off the Plugs Even If Your Device is Turned Off

Devices, even when turned off, still consume energy from your power grids 24/7. Some of these “vampire” devices include satellites, digital cables, and video …

Ontario’s Action Plan for Climate Change

Ontario’s Action Plan for Climate Change

The government of Ontario has made a major decision in making the province a free from carbon community by the year 2050. The province of Ontario is willing to invest about $8.3 billion in the first four years to begin with their Action Plan for Climate Change.
Along with the government’s goal, Canadian Bio Energy will be glad to assist you by helping you produce your own electrical energy coming from the sun. The province’s plan is to change its Building Code by 2030, demanding homes and buildings to get rid of fossil fuels. Ontario’s main goal is to cut harmful emissions by half in 2030.
The government of Ontario is …

4 Good Reasons to Go for Solar

4 Good Reasons to Go for Solar

For years that has passed, homeowners in urban areas all over the world have been benefiting from the power supply solar panels provide. So, why should you follow their footsteps? Here are 6 good reasons why.

It’s for a Better Environment

Almost all of us are aware of climate change and how it is affecting our world. Now that we still have a chance to make things right, we should take steps towards a better environment. We have been relying on fossil fuels to supply us with electrical power. For that reason, harmful emissions are produced such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides…

Package of Solutions

Use Solar Energy

Workers install solar panels at a residential home in a village in Dongying

We offer a complete package of solutions with the use of solar energy. We are always ready and excited to help you with your project! Whether you are a homeowner or a construction worker, we can provide you with energy control systems, battery storage, solar panels, and support generators to finish your project without any setback.

Use Solar Energy


Canadian Bio Energy is composed of a team of experienced solar experts who care about the details of their work. They will do anything just to ensure that your installed solar energy systems will thrive for the years to come. We visualize a brighter and cleaner future for the next generation by letting our customers see the importance of saving energy.

Off-Grid Solutions


We have a complete off-grid solution that is capable of generating, storing, and distributing energy without being connected to a power grid. It is an independent system that supplies power in areas that cannot have access to a power grid. Moreover, it can supply sufficient energy so you could use it wherever you might need it. With the help of solar panels.

Why Choose Us?

In Canadian Bio Energy, our aim is to supply our customers with top quality yet affordable solar energy solutions. We make sure that all the material we use are the best so our systems will last for many years to come. Also, this is to ensure our customers of our system’s durability in spite of bad weather conditions.

We always keep an eye on our procedures and always seek to improve our processes. Moreover, we have good relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to save more and offer you systems at a lesser price. Therefore, when we speak about a more affordable price, we don’t compromise our projects’ quality.

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