General Services

Solar Panels for Your Business or Home

Canadian Bio Energy is moving forward by continually installing, designing, and advertising solar photovoltaic solutions. We have a team of experienced solar experts who are very passionate about their work. We will do everything just to prove to our customers that all our solar solutions are worth their investments.

Monitoring Your Energy Consumption

Our energy monitoring system is a state-of-the-art system that efficiently detects your electrical consumption with the use of any internet-connected device. Whether near or far, you can use our monitoring system without a problem.

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Canadian Bio Energy offers you customized off-grid solar technologies, which includes portable off-grid lighting as well as charging solutions.

Support Generators

Canadian Bio Energy is certified and authorized to perform Generac services. We are connected to the Generac Holding Inc., so we could supply you support generators for your business and home.

Solar Shingles by SunTegra

Start using smooth and good-looking solar panels now instead of using large and bulky ones. You can now supply more energy for your home by changing your old shingles with new solar shingles by SunTegra. Among other solar panels sold in the market, solar shingles is the best and latest innovation ever made.