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Canadian Bioenergy Association

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Advancing the Bio-economy: Biomass in a Canadian Energy Strategy

Pre-Conference Tour: April 24, Conference & Trade Show: April 25-26, 2012

The Sutton Place Hotel, Edmonton AB

Canada, now recognizing the array of energy resources and options - from hydrocarbons to many renewable energy forms - is contemplating the development of a Canadian Energy Strategy. In 2012 CanBio will develop a Canadian Bioenergy Strategy that will see utilization of biomass for the production not only of bio-energy, but more lucrative bio-chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, and other bio-materials, bringing jobs to communities across the country. Accordingly, CanBio is holding a major conference and trade show in Alberta to explore options to develop the bio-economy, and options for the oil & gas industry, the forest and agriculture industries, the bioenergy industry and utilities to form partnerships in its development.

At "Advancing the Bio-economy" we will:

  • Showcase bio-economy progress in Alberta the rest of Canada
  • Illustrate biomass investment opportunities in the forestry and agriculture sectors
  • Look at biomass volumes available, the exponential growth in bioenergy, and the socioeconomic impact on Canadian communities
  • Illustrate gasification technology and pyrolysis oil in developing bio-products
  • Explore higher value product options
  • Illustrate the benefits of community clustering
  • And explore partnership opportunities to accelerate growth

We will also:

  • Review economic opportunities and developments in community heat & power
  • Outline progress in torrefied wood internationally and next-gen ethanol
  • And discuss on a panel
    • Approaches to developing a Canadian Energy Strategy, and
    • How to integrate a Canadian Bioenergy Strategy into it

Click here to download the agenda

Pre-Conference Tour: On Tuesday, April 24 we will visit the Drayton Valley “Biomile”, an example of a community cluster project.  We proceed to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre, where Enerkem has under construction a new facility that will convert MSW to 35 million litres/ year of lignocellulosic ethanol. This tour will also visit the pilot gasification plant facility at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence. The Centre, a unique public-private partnership, manages practitioner training, research, and demonstration activities and encompasses the world's largest variety of leading-edge waste management facilities within a small geographic area and includes one of the world's most advanced biological wastewater treatment plants and North America's largest co-composting plant.  We will then visit the Sherwood Park district energy system, which is currently switching from natural gas to biomass. The cost of registering for the tour is $90, GST included. Click here to download the tour itinerary.

Conference Registration: The cost of conference registration is $420 GST included and as always, CanBio members receive additional discounts.  You can register by downloading a registration form and submit by fax, email, or post, or register onlineFor more information, contact Noam Sugarman at or 705-472-2280.

Tradeshow: Interest in bioenergy is growing rapidly in the Prairies: showcase your company to project developers from throughout the region that are actively looking for partners. The cost of exhibiting is only $1,500 plus GST. Click here to download a registration form, or contact us for more information.

Accommodation: We have secured a special guestroom rate of $139.00/night at the Sutton Place Hotel for all of our delegates. Click here to book your room now.